Surviving NH Boxcar
Vintage New Haven.  A pair of boxcars, one still in New Haven livery, wait to be loaded.  This late 1970's scene is staged on a module with a photo backdrop of the warehouse and cloud-filled sky.  The New Haven boxcar is Kadee (Micro-Trains), modified to have a simulated cushioned underframe and sit lower to the railtop.  The Boston & Maine boxcar also received the cushioned underframe modifications, but already stood at the correct height.  The original warehouse photo was shot under direct sunlight, using a digital SLR set at ISO 200 and auto shutter settings for outdoor scenes.  The cloudy sky is from stock.  This scene was shot under daylight augmented with one halogen 750-watt flood lamp standing in for a strong sun, using a Nikon D70s set at ISO 200 and f29 for 1/4 of a second.  (June 2007).