NH 40603
50-foot boxcar w/plug doors, New Haven (NH 40603).  I took pictures of the prototype at Juniata Yard in Pennsylvania in 1987, and sent them to Micro-Trains for consideration.  They released a model of the car in 1988, abeit with some necessary concessions to mass-produce the car.  I wanted to make the car as close a replication as possible, so I started with the stock model and removed the large "NH" logo.  New Micro-Scale "NH" logos were applied in the proper location.  The car was masked off and the bottom sill was airbrushed Accu-Paint stencil black.  The door guides, ladders, brakewheel, brake lines and grabirons were all hand painted stencil black.  A cushioned underframe mounting platform was formed from Evergreen styrene for each end of the car, and secured to the floor with flat head screws.  The coupler pockets were removed from the trucks and screwed to the new cushioned underframe platforms, and this assembly was hand painted in Socony red.  The standard trucks were replaced with roller bearing trucks and low-flange wheels.  The car was sprayed with Testors Dullcote, and weathered with pastels.  Ninteen years later, I devised a better way to simulate the look of a cushioned underframe and installed it first on this model.  I also replaced the original Kadee one-piece underframe with the current and more detailed Micro-Trains two-piece underframe, changed the couplers to Accu-Mates and lowered the car to a more prototypical height over the rails.