Two Conrail Consists
Two Conrail Consists Meet.  The two trains are wrong-running on the old Erie Lackawanna main in western New York.  Ex-Penn Central GP38 leads two Conrail GP38-2 units westbound, while the eastbound train is headed by an SD9 and a U25B.  The GP38 is a Kato unit kitbashed from a GP38-2.  The other GP38-2 units are standard Kato units with extra detailing.  The SD9 and U25B are Atlas units with extra detailing.  The RailGon gondola is an MDC car, weathered with a warm soldering iron pressed into the inside walls to suggest side panels bulged from over-capacity loads, and with chalks.  This scenic module was built by José Torres for outdoor photographic sessions such as this.  The scene was shot under a hazy afternoon sky using Kodachrome 64 in a Pentax K-1000 set at f22 for 1/125 of a second.  (August 1991).