ELZ 203051
40-foot Fruehauf trailer, Erie Lackawanna (ELZ 203051).  I started with the Micro-Trains 48-foot trailer decorated for Erie Lackawanna.  Since E.L. never owned any 48-foot trailers, I decided to downsize the model to a 40-foot version.  the rear doors of the trailer was cut from the body just in from the frame, and filed smooth to the frame edge.  The remainder of the body was cut to a scale 39 feet, and filed evenly so that the rear doors fit seamlessly.  The rear doors were reattached and secured with liquid plastic cement.  Fruehauf Z-Van decals from Micro Scale were added to the front and back.  The bottom frame below the rear doors was painted black, and the marker lights and taillights were painted in clear amber and red respectively.  A middle section of the floor was removed in proportion to the body.  The tires and mud flaps were sprayed flat clear coat, and the hubs were hand painted silver.  The electricl area in the front was painted gray.  The landing gear was sprayed flat clear coat.  Diesel exhaust residue was simulated by airbrushing a black wash over the roof and front upper corners of the body.