CRMZ 229047
48-foot Fruehauf trailer, Conrail Mercury (CRMZ 229047).  I supplied Micro-Trains with the reference material to produce this trailer, and they did a wonderful job.  When they sent me my sample, I wanted to increase the level of detail on the model.  I started by masking off the frame and roof, and airbrushing those areas bright silver.  The body was masked off even further, and the electrical area and additional frame areas were airbrushed gray.  The door hinges also were painted gray, by hand.  The underframe and trailer support were painted gray, while the wheel bogie hardware was left unpainted black plastic.  The tires were painted flat black, while the wheels and mud flaps were painted stencil white.  As I reviewed the model for this entry, I discovered I forgot to paint the marker lights and tail lights!  I will have to do that shortly.  I wanted a fresh new look on this trailer, so I very lightly airbrushed a grime overcoat to blend everything in, then airbrushed a black wash over the upper front corners to simulate some diesel exhaust residue.