CBFU 3409562
40-foot refrigerated container, Chiquita (CBFU 3409562) on 40-foot container chassis, Chiquita (CBFZ 640708).  These Chiquita containers featuring colorful fruit mural artwork were common during the late 1990s.  I created digital artwork based on various photographs I had taken of the containers while in transit.  I never was fortunate enough to find one stationary, so the artwork took some time to piece together.  But recently, thanks to current technology, I was able to create decals on the computer.  The container body was painted white semi-gloss with the frame and door hinges painted gray steel.  The marker lights were highlighted in red.  The large mural decals were applied, and the model was oversprayed with Dullcoat.  The Chiquita container chassis is a modified Deluxe Innovations model.  The refrigerator equipment was fabricated from styrene and the wheel bogie was taken from an Atlas Pines trailer.  New mud flaps were cut from styrene, and some of the rear hardware was modified.  The body was painted black and the mud flaps painted white.  As with the container, custom decals were created on the computer for all the markings, license plate and Chiquita mad flap logos.  A light spray of Dullcoat was applied to protect the decals.  The model took 3rd place in the Passenger Equipment category of the model contest at the N-Scale Enthusiast 27th Annual National N Scale Convention in Rosemont, Illinois in June 2019.