BOB 1957
48-foot Freuhauf trailer, Bob's Transport and Storage (BOB 1957).  Snuggles Fabric Softener mural on the sides.  Only six trailers nationwide were decorated with the Snuggle mural artwork, and I was fortunate to happen across one at a Sears distribution warehouse in the early 1990s waiting to be loaded.  I photographed the trailer, but only recently was able to create decals on the computer.  The body was painted white semi-gloss with the roof, frame and door hinges painted silver.  The electrical area on the nose was masked and painted medium gray.  The marker lights were highlighted with Testors Turn Signal Orange or Stop Light Red, whichever was appropriate.  The large mural decals were applied, and the model was oversprayed with Dullcoat.  The wheels were painted light gray.  No weathering was applied, since the shipper washed these trailers on a regular basis and kept them relatively clean.