BNZ 233304
45-foot Fruehauf trailer, Burlington Northern (BNZ 233304).  I started with an undecorated Micro-Trains 45-foot trailer, airbrushed the body in stencil white, then masked off the frame, door hinges and electrical areas and airbrushed those areas and the roof bright silver.  I highlighted all marker lights with Testors Turn Signal Orange or Stop Light Red, whichever was appropriate.  I decorated the model with Micro-Scale "BN Innovative Intermodal Service" decals, and oversprayed with a satin clear coat finish.  the wheel bogie hardware and the tires were painted flat black, while the hubs and trailer stand were painted a gloss gray.  The mud flap logos were highlighted in white.  The car was weathered lightly by with pastels, then the diesel exhaust residue on the roof and upper front corners was airbrushed with a black wash until the desired build-up was achieved.