SAL 15104
50-foot boxcar w/sliding doors, Seaboard Air Line (SAL 15104).  I began with the limited run issue by Eastern Seaboard Models, and made some minor modifications to give the model a closer resemblence to the prototype.  The standard eight-foot doors were removed, and replaced with Micro-Trains 12-foot modern boxcar doors painted aluminum.  Cushioned underframe coupler pockets were formed from Evergreen styrene, and secured to the floor with flat head screws.  The coupler pockets were cut from the trucks, screwed to the cushioned underframe extensions and painted in S.A.L. apple green.  The Bettendorf trucks were replaced with Micro-Trains roller bearing trucks with low flange wheels.  The car was sprayed with Testors Dullcote, then weathered with pastels.