RDG 19807
50-foot boxcar w/sliding doors, Reading (RDG 19807).  I utilized a number of Micro-Trains parts to kitbash this model.  I started with removing the ends from a 50-foot plug-door no-roofwalk boxcar body.  I removed all the ladder, plug door detail and plug door guides and sanded everything smooth.  I cut ends from a 40-foot no-roofwalk boxcar shell, which has the half-height ladders molded in.  The ends were filed and attached to the 50-foot body, which took a little doing because the molds for the 40-foot and 50-foot cars are not exactly the same dimensions!  I sanded the back of two modern 12-foot doors and centered them on the car sides.  New door guides and stops were fashioned from Evergreen styrene, and Detail Associates half-height ladders were attached to the sides at either end.  Modern-boxcar stirrups were added to a 50-foot standard underframe.  Roller bearing trucks were added.  The car was airbrushed in Accu-Paint Reading green, and decorated with Eastern Seaboard Models' Reading "Buy U.S. Savings Bonds" billboard scheme decals.  The car was sealed with a clear coat, and weathered with pastels.  In 2007, I lowered the height of the car and added a cushioned underframe with Accu-Mate couplers.