THB 2808
47-foot slab-side covered hopper, Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo (THB 2808).  This car was kitbashed from an Atlas Model R.R. Co. 47-foot Pullman-Standard covered hopper to more closely resemble the Canadian Pacific slab-side hopper, which subsidiary T.H.& B. also used.  All side detail was removed from the car sides except for the ladders.  New bracing was formed from Evergreen styrene strips, and the panel sides were cut from sheet styrene.  The roof line was modified to reflect the shape of the new sides.  A Model Die Casting brakewheel replaced the standard brakewheel.  The car was airbrushed Accu-Paint stencil black, and decorated with C.D.S. dry transfers.  Micro-Trains Betterdorf trucks with low flange wheels replaced the standard trucks.  Weathering was lightly airbrushed in a grime-colored wash.