NYC 886809
ACF 4-bay Centerflow covered hopper, New York Central (NYC 886809).  I started with the stock Atlas model.  I discarded the roofwalk, brakewheel and trucks.  I nipped the mounting pins from the roofwalk and glued them into the mounting holes in the roof.  A stainless steel etched roofwalk from Gold Metal Models was added, as well as an Atlas RS3 brakewheel.  Micro-Trains roller bearing trucks with couplers and low flange wheels were utilized. The brakewheel, truck sideframes and wheel faces were painted gray to match the body.  The couplers and truck springs were painted rust.  Light gray washes were brush-painted vertically to simulate cement spillage.  The car was assembled, then airbrushed with various dirt and grime washes.