GATX 46868 Close-Up
P-S 2600 cubic-foot AirslideŽ, GATX (GATX 46868).  What started out as a simple project to recreate General American's early-1990s "standard blue" scheme turned into a major production.  Only the center section of the body remains from the original Atlas model.  The ends and roof were scratchbult from styrene.  Detailed brake hardware was added and the brakewheel was repositioned to the modern height.  The grab irons, brake rods, stirrups and roofwalk are brass.  The six hatches were salvaged from the original plastic roof.  The light blue paint was mixed from Badger ModelFlex to match the prototype, and the roofwalk, roof hatches and outlet hatches were painted Testor's Metalizer stainless steel and buffed.  The majority of the decals were custom made, with the remainder coming from a Micro-Scale set.  The model was sprayed with Metalizer sealant to protect both the decals and the luster of the stainless steel paint.  The body-mounted couplers are a hybrid of Micro-Trains and Atlas parts.  The car was lightly airbrushed along the bottom with a dust wash to bring out the truck detail and simulate a car that very recently left the paint shop.  The model was featured in the November/December 2005 issue of N Scale Railroading magazine.