EL 21393
ACF 2-bay Centerflow covered hopper, Erie Lackawanna (EL 21393).  I liked the stock issue release by Atlas Model R.R. Co., but I wanted to detail the car based on a photograph I had of the prototype without disturbing the current graphics.  I started by masking off the graphics for protection, then sanded the relief smooth on the belt rail at the top of the sides.  I added the side horizontal support rib to backdate the car to the late 1960s.  End platform floors were fashioned from Evergreen sheet styrene.  The stock roofwalk was discarded, and the roofwalk mounting pins were cemented into the holes and formed to match the roof contour.  A Gold Metal Models stainless steel roofwalk was cemented into place.  the floors and side ribs were painted gray to match the body. Micro-Trains roller bearing trucks with low-flange wheels were painted gray and mounted.  The masking tape protecting the graphics was removed.  Rust weathering was added using deluted Accu-Paint and a thin brush.  Certain areas of the body were masked and spray painted a gray color darker than the body color.  The car was then weathered with a dust and grime airbrushed wash.  Consolidated stencil decals were then added and then lightly protected with a clear overcoat.