CGW 285 Close-Up
48-foot single dome rivited tankcar, Chicago Great Western (CGW 285).  I was pleased when Micro-Trains released this paint scheme on their 39' tankcar back in 1990, and that gave me the inspiration to make a more-accurate model of this prototype.  I started with two Micro-Trains tankcars decorated in the red CGW scheme, and disassembled them.  I cut the center section from one 35' body and the ends from the second body in a way to form a 45' body and preserve the existing graphics.  I covered the graphics on the pieces with low-tact tape, squared off the saw cuts with a file, glued the three pieces together, and sanded any imperfections smooth.  Next, I cut three sections from the two frames and formed the stretched frame, securing the pieces with C.A. cement and enforcing it with 10-mill steel wire.  The vertical brakewheel was replaced with a more modern Ajax wheel stand taken from a Micro-Trains caboose end rail.  New handrails were formed from 10-mil steel wire.  The standard Bettendorfs were replaced with roller bearing trucks with low-flange wheels and body mounted couplers.  After testing the fit of all parts, the car was prepared for painting.  Accu-Paint was mixed to match the existing red paint in two batches.  The batch with extra thinner was used to feather the sanded sections of the tank into the existing paint.  The second batch had a flex agent added, and was used to paint the frame, ladders, handrails and truck sideframes.  All visable faces of the wheelsets were hand-painted a dark rust.  The car was assembled, then lightly airbrushed with a red wash, then a dust-colored wash, to blend everything in, and to tone down the graphics.