QREX 90008
40-foot wood reefer, Grand Union (QREX 90008).  I started with the limited-run offering by Eastern Seaboard Models.  I wanted to model the car as one refitted with a steel roof, so I removed the roofwalk and ice hatchs and put them aside, and filed and sanded all detail off of the roof until I had a smooth surface.  I added the cross ribs fashioned from Evergreen styrene strips.  The roofwalk was attached to the new roof, and ice platforms were cut from Evergreen scribed styrene sheets.  The underside of the ice hatches were filed and sanded so that only the tops remained.  I cemented these on top of the ice platforms.  The car body was masked and the roof airbrushed with Accu-Paint mixed to match the color of the car.  The stirrups were painted with a second batch of paint with flex agent added.  After the truck bolsters were filed to lower the ride height, the Bettendorf trucks were replaced with low-flange-wheel Andrews trucks and body-mounted couplers.  The car was assembled, sprayed with Testors Dullcote, weathered with pastels, and fixed with another coat of Dullcote.