PRR 8930
Heavyweight 12-1 sleeper, Pennsylvania "Samuel Adams" (PRR 8930).  The Micro-Trains® model is based on Pullman plan #3410A, from which the Pennsylvania series was built.  I started with the decorated model, and removed the existing car name.  The mechanical air conditioning components of the underbody were replaced with ice-cooled air conditioning components to match the prototype.  Most of the cast roof details were removed.  New detailed air vents from the Micro-Trains® RPO roof were added, and new rain drips were formed from stainless steel wire.  The standard diaphragms were replaced with American Limited diapgragms. I moved the couplers inward to improve the close-coupling and replaced the plastic wheels with Fox Valley metal wheelsets.  I also extended the centerbeam to eliminate the see-through look under the trucks.  The interior was repainted a light tan.  The new car name was pieced together from Micro Scale decals  Fox Valley steam vents were added.  This sleeper is assigned to the Owl consist.