PRR 8665
Heavyweight 10-1-2 sleeper, Pennsylvania "Lake Maintland" (PRR 8665).  The Micro-Trains® model is based on Pullman plan #3585, from which the Pennsylvania series was built.  I started with the decorated model from the runner pack, which had the correct mechanical air conditioning equipment for the car name.  Most of the cast roof details were removed.  New detailed air vents from the Micro-Trains® RPO roof were added, and new rain drips were formed from stainless steel wire.  The standard diaphragms were replaced with American Limited diapgragms. I moved the couplers inward to improve the close-coupling and replaced the plastic wheels with Fox Valley metal wheelsets.  I also extended the centerbeam to eliminate the see-through look under the trucks.  The interior was repainted a light tan.  Fox Valley steam vents were added.