PRR “Huron Rapids”
Lightweight 10-6 sleeper, Pennsylvania “Huron Rapids” (PRR 8342).  This is an extensive upgrade of the venerable Atlas/Rivarossi smoothside roomette model from the early years of N scale.  The original model was disassembled and, due to the advanced age of the plastic, the paint and lettering were carefully wet-sanded away.  The molded on end detail was removed along with all grab irons.  The roof was scribed to simulate the welded panels.  Belt rails were added below the windows with strips of Bare Metal Foil.  Freestanding grab irons were formed from stainless steel.  The existing windows were removed from the roof component.  All of the components were painted prior to final assembly.  Real glass was added, backed with photographic tint, followed by paper drapes over the bedroom windows and a stainless steel handrail over the hallway windows.  Additional American Limited parts were added to the underframe detail.  American Limited working diaphragms were added to the ends, and Micro Trains couplers were body-mounted to the floor.  The exterior was painted Pennsy maroon, and lettered with Micro-Scale decals to a more accurate version of the original Rivarossi scheme.  The interior was painted a pale blue.  Kato trucks were substituted for the existing ones.  The model was featured in the May/June 2006 issue of N Scale Railroading magazine.