NH 5238 Close-Up
Heavyweight 42-seat deluxe diner, New Haven "The Statesman" (NH 5238).  This scratchbuilt model is based on the railroad's deluxe heavyweight diners, refurbished in the 1940s for use with the new stainless steel equipment.  I started by designing a solid model of the car sides and end doors, from which a cavity mold was milled into a machinable wax block.  Polyurethane resin castings were rendered from the mold.  Car ends were taken from a Micro-Trains® parlor and modified on the milling machine to match the prototype.  The sub-floor was cut from brass stock.  The center beam, cross beams and bolsters were fabricated from styrene.  The box-shaped underbody appliances were designed as solid models and rendered via Shapeways.  The brake appliances were taken from a Micro-Trains heavyweight underbody.  Grab irons were formed from phosphor bronze wire.  The brake ratchets were formed from wire and styrene.  A roof master was kitbashed from two Micro-Trains parlor roofs to eliminate the air conditioning bulge, with the recesses filled with styrene and the clerestory insets cut on the milling machine.  Polyurethane resin castings were made of the roof master.  Kato kitchen roof vents and Keystone Details large Garland clerestory vents were added to the roof, along with small Garland clerestory vents milled from a Micro-Trains RPO roof and tall narrow vents cut from styrene on the milling machine.  Air intake frames were milled from brass stock while the air intake screens were cut from Hasegawa Models mesh.  The rain drips were made from styrene strip.  Diaphragms based on the American Limited design were created as a solid model and rendered via Shapeways, as was the detailed interior.  Glass was milled from clear Lexan plastic and window shades were formed from white electrical tape.  A Rapido light board was modified with a potentiometer to regulate the intensity and screwed to the roof underside.  The model was equipped with Micro-Trains 1015 couplers and Des Planes six-wheel heavyweight roller-bearing trucks fitted with Fox Valley metal wheelsets.  This diner is assigned to the Merchants Limited consist.