CR 55 Close-Up
Fluted dome-lounge, Conrail (CR 55).  This model is built from the M&R Models Santa Fe Big Dome etched brass shell and parts of the American Limited core kit.  The floor of the lower section is a steel weight to help keep the center of gravity low to the tracks.  The interior is scratchbuilt from styrene and brass, with the seats taken from the Bachmann dome model.  The couch pattern was copied from the actual lounge furniture of the real car onto a decal and applied.  The trucks were salvaged from the Bachmann dome and fitted with InterMountain wheelsets.  The model was painted, decaled and coated with Future acrylic floor finish to simulate the "wet paint" look of the prototype.  The windows are Roxio photo gels, and the diaphragms were made from shrinked heat-shrink tubing.  This model took 2nd place in the Rolling Stock Passenger category of the model contest at the N-Scale Enthusiast 19th Annual National N Scale Convention in Hershey, Pennsylvania in June 2011.