This is actually my first and favorite hobby.  Posted here are pics of N-Scale models I have painted, kitbashed and/or scratchbuilt to match various prototypes of the roads.  While the hobby requires hours of dedication and the real job demands most of the available hours, I've actually begun to move forward on the basement layout!.  Progress will be logged in the Bridgeport & New London link to the left — which now redirects to a Facebook page, as it is easier to maintain than a regular webpage.  I model two railroads and time periods -- New Haven in the autumn of 1956, and Conrail circa 1980.  This gives me a variety of paint schemes and prototypes to model in both eras. 

The pictures of the motive power and rolling stock are categorized by engine and car type in the index to the left.  Also, I am adding shots of structures and scenes of layouts and dioramas as time permits.  Enjoy!
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