NH D-100
230-ton derrick, New Haven (NH D-100).  This started out as the crane lettered for Union Pacific in a Bachmann maintenance of way set.  The undersized boom was perfect to simulate the low catenary-clearing profile of the New Haven prototypes.  I stripped the body, then chopped and drilled out the stack.  The coupler pockets were removed from the trucks.  Mounting pads for the couplers were fashioned from styrene, holes were drilled and tapped, and Micro-Trains couplers were secured to the deck.  Styrene faces were cut to shape to close the holes in the pilots.  The body was sprayed Hunter Green and everything else was sprayed stencil black.  Stock decals were applied to the model originally, but custom decals were created to replace some of the decals with more prototypical markings.  The Bachmann key supplied with the model still works in regard to the positioning of the boom, but I leave it in the "at rest" position.  The major work was completed in 1986, and the decals upgraded in 2000.