PRR 469637 Close-Up
53-foot GSC bulkhead flatcar, Pennsylvania (PRR 469637).  This car is completely scratchbuilt except for the underframe, trucks, couplers and brakewheel.  I built this from plans to an old HO-Scale wood kit from the 1960s.  I used a Model Die Casting 52' gondola cast underframe to achieve the desired weight, and built the car around it.  All the body parts were cut and shaped from Evergreen styrene sheets and strips.  The grab irons and steps were formed from 12-mil brass wire.  The brake rigging on the bulkhead was formed from miniature link chain and 10-mil brass rod.  Micro-Trains Bettendorf trucks with low-flange wheels, body-mount couplers, and an Atlas RS3 lace brakewheel were added.  The car was painted with Accu-Paint in Tuscan Red, and decorated with a combination of decals and dry transfers.  The car was weathered with pastels and fixed with Testors Dullcote.