NH 17082 Close-Up
58-foot depressed center flatcar, New Haven (NH 17082).  This car is a major kitbash of the Micro-Trains model, modified to match the New Haven prototype.  All of the indentations in the diecast body were drilled through, while the bolsters and cast on brakelines were removed.  New bolster holes were drilled farther out from the center for proper truck placement.  New ends were fabricated from styrene and built directly on the diecast body.  Freestanding brakelines and grab irons were added. New top decks were fabricated from wood and the vertical load braces cut from styrene.  The brakestands are scratchbuilt from brass wire, styrene and linked chain. Ajax brakewheels were added.  The couplers were removed from the Commonwealth trucks, Northwest Short Line 28 wheels replaced the standard 33 Micro-Trains wheels, and underset couplers were mounted on the ends.  The wood was masked, and the car was airbrushed in Badger Flex stencil black.  Custom decals were made and applied.  The decals were oversprayed with a mixture of Micro-Scale flat and gloss clearcoat to match the Badger finish.  The wood was stained with a mixture of rubbing alcohol tinted with black and sepia brown calligraphic inks.  The entire car was first airbrushed with a dust wash, and then weathered with chalks.  The car was lightly sprayed with a thin layer of Micro-Scale flat clearcoat to seal the weathering.  The car was featured in the November/December 2004 issue of N Scale Railroading magazine.