NH 17058
35-foot transformer car, New Haven (NH 17058).  This car is a kitbash of the GHQ pewter kit.  I modified the car to match the New Haven prototype.  The three middle ribs on the car sides were removed and replaced with two styrene ribs.  Ajax brakewheels and stands were taken from Micro-Trains caboose end railings.  The low-profile friction-bearing trucks were created from Con Cor low-profile roller bearing trucks by filing off the roller bearing detail and adding journal bearing covers from old Betterndorf trucks.  Free standing Aquataur grab irons were added on the sides and ends.  The car was airbrushed in Accu-Paint stencil black.  The prototypical lettering was pasted together from various decal sets.  The decals were oversprayed with Dullcoat, the car was weathered with chalks and sealed with Blair matte fixative.  Balsa slivers were added to the deck to simulate scrap bracing.  The car was featured in the January/February 2000 issue of N Scale magazine.