The Old Factory
The Old Factory in Blackfoot, on the HStP&B.  The couple talking in front of the factory can be seen through the open doors of the 50' boxcar waiting to be loaded on the siding.  This 1950's scene on Peter Kruimer's Helena, St. Paul & Blackfoot is part of a feature article in the July/August and September/October 1999 issues of N Scale Magazine.  The town of Blackfoot is represented on the layout by a small station and this industry, with a small parking lot shared by the two buildings.  The factory is a kit manufactured by N Scale Architect.  The CB&Q double-door boxcar is an InterMountain kit.  The shed in front of the boxcar is a laser kit manufactured by Americal Model Builders.  The fence is etched brass from Gold Medal Models.  The trees in fall folliage are scratchbuilt.  The scene was shot under three blue 500-watt Photoflood lamps using Velvia 50 film in a Pentax K-1000 set at f22 for 2 seconds.  (May 1999).