NH 357
EP-3, New Haven (NH 357).  Majority scratchbuilt operational model with a handful of commercially-available components.  The mechanism consists of a 3D-printed stainless steel frame which encases a Kato GG-1 motor and gear shafts.  The truck frames are 3D-printed plastic snapped onto the Kato GG-1 gear towers.  The front platforms are 3D-printed plastic with polyurethane resin detail parts and phosphor-bronze wire railings riding on modified Kato GG-1 pilot trucks.  The body contains a 3D-printed core with a three-level etched brass wrapper and features a myriad of detail parts formed from phosphor-bronze wire, 3D-printed plastic, styrene, and etched brass.  The horns are modified from Kato EMD air horns, and the bells are modified Bachmann parts.  The pantographs are kitbashed from two styles of Arnold old-school GG-1 pantographs.  The headlights contain SMLEDs wired to custom mini circuit boards underneath the roof that spring-contact with the mechanism to provide power.  Mechanism driven by a Digitrax DZ-126 decoder.  Painted Tru-Color hunter green and Polly Scale stencil black.  Decorated with stock Microscale decals and custom American Cancer Society decals signifying a program created by the New Haven and the American Cancer Society to promote cancer prevention awareness.  The model took 1st place popular vote in the Motive Power Other category of the model contest and tied for 1st place in the Excellence in N Scale Modeling judge's award at the N-Scale Enthusiast 27th Annual National N Scale Convention in Rosemont, Illinois in June 2019.  It also won the Railroad Model Craftsman Dremel Kitbashing Award in August 2019.