CR 4885
GG-1, Conrail (CR 4885).  I started with a stock Kato model decorated for Penn Central 4885 and proceeded to age it a decade.  The body was separated from the mechanism and all detail parts were detached.  All Penn Central markings were removed with 91% isopropyl alcohol, leaving the paint intact.  The Pennsy broadband stripe bracing over the side intakes was formed from styrene and added.  Etched brass service hatches were added behind the air intakes.  A Sinclair antenna was added to the roof over the B-cab.  New York Central style markings were added to the A-end to denote the front of the unit, and Conrail decals were added to the sides and ends.  The body was sprayed with Dullcote to give it a satin finish and protect the decals.