NH C656 Close-Up
New Haven NE6 34-foot steel caboose (NH C656).  This is the Atlas product with modifications to create a more accurate model of the NE6.  The rerailer extensions underneath the floor were discarded.  The toilet waste tube and main reservoir face plate were added.  Micro-Trains Ajax brakewheels replaced the stock parts.  The Accu-Mate couplers were replaced with Micro-Trains couplers for closer coupling.  The embossed windowsills were carved away and filed, and replaced with styrene.  The printed reporting marks were removed and replaced with decals, and end reporting marks were added above the doors.  The cupola window frames and door window frames were painted white, along with the new side windowsills.  All grab irons were painted black.  The car was weathered with an airbrushed dust wash on the lower body followed by pastels overall.  This model took the Judge's Award 1st place in the Rolling Stock category and the Popular Vote Award 3rd place in the Rolling Stock Non-Revenue Cars sub-category of the model contest at the N-Scale Collector's 13th Annual National N Scale Convention in San Diego, California in August 2005, and was featured in the July/August 2005 issue of N Scale Railroading magazine.