ERIE 308
Erie 40-foot bay window caboose (ERIE 308).  This is an extensive kitbash of the Model Power model, most of which was performed by Chris Schmuck.  When I acquired the model, all of the main body modifications were complete, and the extra equipment had been added to the underbody.  The existing couplers were removed, as well as the dry transfers.  New truck bolsters were formed from styrene and repositioned, and the existing coupler screw holes were filled.  Modified end railings from the Kato caboose with Micro-Trains Ajax brakewheels were added.  Micro-Trains 2004 knuckles in 1015 coupler boxes were added to be flush with the end railing frames.  The truck frames are resin castings of a master that Chris kitbashed, with Fox Valley wheelsets installed.  Prime Mover decals were utilized with some modifications.  Windows were milled from clear plastic and added after the decals were protected with Dullcoat.  This model took 2nd place in the Rolling Stock Caboose category of the model contest at the N-Scale Enthusiast 19th Annual National N Scale Convention in Hershey, Pennsylvania in June 2011.