Hello, and welcome to my web site.  Here, on my personal page, I have pictures pertaining to my top two hobbies, N-Scale model railroading and Hot Wheels.  The Model Railroading pages have pictures of some of the models I've done, as well as the Bridgeport & New London layout currently in progress.  The Hot Wheels pages have pictures to view of the Redline-era cars that I have in my collection.  You can click on the links in this paragraph, or in the bar above.  My site is best viewed in 16 million colors, 1024x768 resolution or better, with the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser version 5.x or higher.  Please do not use any of the images on this site without my permission.  See my What's New page to see any recent changes to the site.  Any questions or comments can be emailed to me and would be welcome.  Thanks for visiting.

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