This group of jpegs is of the cars in my collection.  In some cases where I have more than one model of a casting, I have pictured a unique or hard-to-find variation.  Not all of the pics are online yet, but I plan on posting a jpeg of every redline casting in my display collection.  I collect castings manufactured from 1968 to 1977, which is commonly known as the Redline Era.  I started collecting casually in the early 1980s for a while, then seriously in 1993. The pictures included here are indexed in alphabetical order, grouped by year. 

Also included is a section covering some of my custom work containing two categories of cars.  The first I call my Fantasy Redlines, which consists mostly of post-redline era castings remodeled as Spectraflame redline models.  The second group of cars is my Fantasy Treasure Hunts, consisting of castings painted and decorated similar to the Treasure Hunt series cars of 1995 and 1996.

Mattel formed a new Collectors Club in 2001, based on its original venture from 1970.  Limited run vehicles released under the banner of Neo-Classics are manufactured in the original 1968 style, and I collect those as well.

In addition, I collect some of the Topper Johnny Lightning cars manufactured from 1969 through 1971.  I'm only collecting the castings I'm interested in, which mainly are the non-fantasy cars.

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