Custom Volkswagens
Custom Volkswagens.  With the exception of the four Bugs in the back row, all of the cars are U.S. castings.  The first Hot Wheels I owned was a U.S.-made purple Volkswagen, and I decided to try for all colors and shades in this casting for two reasons -- I liked the car, and they were (used to be) inexpensive.  I'm just thankful I started years ago, as Volkswagen prices are skyrocketing with the advent of online auction sites.  My current roster is as follows:

First Row - creamy pink, bright red, bright rose, dark rose, bright orange, burnt orange.  Second Row - chocolate brown, copper, bright copper, gold, early olive, late olive.  Third Row - antifreeze, bright antifreeze, bright lime, dark lime, dark green, emerald green, teal green.  Fourth Row - magenta, dark purple, light purple, ice blue, aqua, medium blue, dark blue.  Fifth Row - dark green enamel (HK), green with solid roof (HK), orange enamel with stripes tampo (HK), orange enamel with bug tampo (HK).  Colors procured but missing from photo - hot pink.  Major colors still to be acquired - brick red, apple green, yellow.